First Week as a Culinary Student

It’s really happening. I am officially in culinary school. I’ve told numerous people numerous times that somewhere, in the not so distant future I wanted to attend culinary school. It wasn’t a lie, but I just wasn’t sure when or if it would become a reality. Now it is and I am ecstatic.

My schedule consists of three classes this semester (each once a week): Introduction to Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Supervision, and Sanitation and Safety. Thanks to completing my basics at OU, I was able to jump right into the classes directly associated with culinary arts. Although these classes are still very introductory, I think there will be a lot to learn especially from my teachers (professors?).

Swee Goh teaches sanitation and safety, which she claims will be important for the rest of my career. In other words, I actually need to remember the things I learn in this class unlike the information cramming and purging I did for some previous classes (understanding music). In this class, I will learn about food handling procedures, safety in the kitchen, preparing meat from frozen to finish, etc. We have one major project that involves following a recipe and noting each step, but it is done at home.

Next, Ben Brown. He teaches hospitality supervision. Interesting character with a lot of experience. He has worked in hotels, the catering business (Kent Rathbun’s catering business that is, before Kent was a so-called celebrity chef), restaurants, restaurant openings, and much more. I’d say he’s fairly experienced so he may have some good stories to tell. Although I’m afraid his class may gravitate toward the boring side considering he seems to be a fan of lecture, lecture, lecture. Plus it’s focused on the managerial positions of the hospitality industry – not exactly what I’m interested in, but still important to learn.

Lastly, we have Jerry Walker. He reminds me of the high school football coach who also teaches a random health class. However, he’s quite the opposite. He, too, has had several jobs in the industry and seen the good ($$$) and bad of it. He happens to own a couple of Subway franchises – one being the Subway inside Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. He said they lost 60% of sales during Ebola and it is just now starting to come back. He also still works full time so he’s not your typical teacher. I like his laid-back attitude and I think his experiences will contribute greatly to the beginnings of my culinary knowledge.

Overall, this semester should be an intriguing start to an exciting new journey. I should probably start practicing my cooking…


2 thoughts on “First Week as a Culinary Student

  1. tu.san says:

    Congrats on your Culinary first achievement. All the best to you and always watch your finger when using mandolin, lol. 🙂 (Said the person who went to culinary school)

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